So far, pre-production on “Reversed” is going well. It’s a slow process, as this is my first time producing a feature outside of Canada, but there is a great film community here in London.

We do look to be on track for going to camera, starting in Italy, near the end of October this year. If we get delayed, however, we will have to move the production dates later, likely March or 2012. But so far, as I said, we seem to be on track, and are currently looking at the second re-structuring of the screenplay.

Next task to tackle: Casting.

Brivido Giallo

Brivido Giallo is a new company from Vince D’Amato and Mickey Evil.

This International production company will focus on the production of three Italian thrillers (gialli), produced independently over the next three years, starting mid-2011.

The concept for Brivido Giallo is to contribute cinematically to this beloved Italian genre, and this production company had been conceived to produce these thrillers, or gialli, over an extended period of time.

-Vince D’Amato.