“Reversed” reviewed by Cosi Perversa

Many thanks to Cosi Perversa for their amazing review of REVERSED!

“Writer / Director Vince D’Amato returns with REVERSED, his fifth full length movie taking influence from the recent wave of neo-giallo (particularly that of Cattet and Forzani) as much as the more traditional, Italian films of the sixties and seventies.

Even a cursory scan of the plot synopsis puts one in mind of the description of AMER and while REVERSED possesses a few leanings towards that (arguably) seminal film it clearly possesses a unique identity and more than enough tricks of it’s own to make D’Amato a peer of his more famous colleagues rather than follower…”

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“Glass” updates & screenings…

GLASS, the second feature film from Brivido Giallo, made its world theatrical premiere this July at Vancouver’s Cinemafantastique film fest. The following month GLASS made its American premiere at the Anti-Hero Genre Film Fest in Los Angeles, where it won Best Grindhouse Feature Film, Best Actress (Tirra Dent) and Best Music Score (Michele Savoldi aka Mickey E.Vil).

This month, GLASS was nominated for six Maverick Filmmaking awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Special FX Make-up, and Best Music Score. We are excitedly awating the outcome of these nominations!

GLASS will next be officially screened at the MACABRE FAIRE FILM FEST in Long Island, NY Jan 16-17, 2016.