Yesterday the 28th

First day of shooting went off amazingly, hitting several locations around Central London and wrapping by 3 pm (not too shabby).

Due to last-minute crew changes we had to get a jumpstart on production, pushing it ahead by almost a month (the intended start date for production was October 22nd). But even this wasn’t the biggest jumpstart we’d had to pull off, I remember going three months ahead of schedule for Creepy Six Films’ first major film production in 2002.

On a major plus, London – or rather, most of Southern England – is experiencing a slightly scorching Indian Summer this year, so we’re getting all the exterior scenes we can over the next 10 days. Then there’s nearly a two-week break and we’re back on schedule for October 23rd.

Till next week…



Ah, we have hit a few snags, and haven’t even started production yet. Such is the way. There will be some production crew changes coming up, mostly additions, which is good news overall.

2nd Unit photography will be commencing this week and continuing into next, hopefully remaining uneventful on the stress-meter.

We will continue to overhaul the “casting” section as we get into shooting as well, to replace the promotional shots of the actors with actual production stills from Reversed. More on that later…

In the meantime (and between several days of 2nd unit shooting) I’ll be tracking down props, fx, and costumes, and continuing production meetings. Should be a busy 13 days.



So far, pre-production on “Reversed” is going well. It’s a slow process, as this is my first time producing a feature outside of Canada, but there is a great film community here in London.

We do look to be on track for going to camera, starting in Italy, near the end of October this year. If we get delayed, however, we will have to move the production dates later, likely March or 2012. But so far, as I said, we seem to be on track, and are currently looking at the second re-structuring of the screenplay.

Next task to tackle: Casting.