Never enough Giallo

So this summer we were off to Italy for a little relaxation and well lets not kid ourselves; to visit two very awesome stores! PROFONDO ROSSO in Rome and BLOODBUSTER in Milan. A new suitcase was required to bring home all the fantastic finds but we left a little something behind as well. Our film REVERSED is now available on the BLOODBUSTER shelves and their website! We are very excited and grateful to Manuel and the rest of the gang for giving us this opportunity. If you are a lover of all things Giallo and Horror these two stores are an absolute must!


15 years of low-budget filmmaking…

“I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since we started Creepy Six Films… nor can I hardly believe that it’s already been 5 years since launching our new production company, Brivido Giallo. While the latter came about with a different cinematic vision and in a slightly more organic way while spending time in Europe, I still remember clearly the origins of Creepy Six Films. Standing at an intersection in North Vancouver (a literal intersection, not a metaphorical one), and coming up with the concept and name for Creepy Six Films with Nicole Hancock – back in 2001…”

Check out an in-depth interview with Creepy Six Films co-founder Vince D’Amato at Film Bizarro:

“…We were waiting on the corner of 3rd Street & Lonsdale Avenue – two blocks from our one-bedroom apartment at the time – and it had been a couple of days since we’d finished the last scenes of our freshman film, Corpse-O-Rama. We’d shot the entire thing on film, 16mm, and ended up releasing 50 VHS copies – some went to distributors, but most went to the cast and crew – and to a little local horror movie store called Reel Horror, which was owned and operated by a young couple from Montreal, Gene and Jessica. Anyway, that hadn’t happened yet, Nicole (Nicki) and I were standing at the intersection waiting for the light to change and verbally brainstorming ideas for the name of our low-budget production company. Since we’d actually filmed 6 segments for Corpse-O-Rama, which was supposed to be a horror anthology film a la Creepshow (although at least one of those stories were left on the cutting room floor), so I exuberantly threw out there: “Nicki’s Six Films!” to which she shot me a hairy eyeball complete with a single hoisted eyebrow. “No way,” she said. Behind us, half a block down, was a small independent comic book store I used to go to to peruse the tight aisles. I remembered that that was where I’d first discovered the line of horror comics titled CREEPY. And that was it. “Creepy Six Films,” I said.”

~ Vince D’Amato.

In celebration of our 15th year of independent filmmaking, we have lovingly created special limited and hand-numbered ANNIVERSARY reissues, available in our store now! (More special titles coming later this year – 2016!)

“Reversed” reviewed by Cosi Perversa

Many thanks to Cosi Perversa for their amazing review of REVERSED!

“Writer / Director Vince D’Amato returns with REVERSED, his fifth full length movie taking influence from the recent wave of neo-giallo (particularly that of Cattet and Forzani) as much as the more traditional, Italian films of the sixties and seventies.

Even a cursory scan of the plot synopsis puts one in mind of the description of AMER and while REVERSED possesses a few leanings towards that (arguably) seminal film it clearly possesses a unique identity and more than enough tricks of it’s own to make D’Amato a peer of his more famous colleagues rather than follower…”

Read the full review here:!reversed/yg5pm