Back in London

We just got back from an amazing shoot in Milan as part of the “Reversed” production. Shooting all around this unique city, the people there were incredibly welcoming to us. Everyone was excited and curious about what we were getting up to, it was a completely different vibe than it has been shooting in London.

It was also nice to finally reconnect with my good friend and co-producer Mickey Evil from the world-famous Mugshots.

We managed to avoid the rain for the entire shoot, though we got dumped on right after we wrapped the final shot near the steps of the Duomo outside of the galleria. We took our camera equipment and our umbrellas and went down to the older part of the city, a place near the canals that used to be called “Little Paris of Italy” decades ago. There, the cast and crew sat in a restaurant, then a bar, as it poured rain outside the window along the picturesque streets and foot bridges. What a beautiful way to end the shoot.

Well, nearly ending the shoot. We’ll be going one more night in London next weekend, and then that’s an official wrap. Following this, I’m back to Italy to work with Mickey on the soundtrack to the film.

And following this post, we should have more on-set interviews from our press associate Nadeem Ali. Stay tuned!


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