Nadeem’s “Reversed” Diaries #1

Reversed Diary – 23rd October 2011

Today is my first day hanging with the Reversed crew while they do their thing. In the morning I meet Vince, Stuntman/DoP Patrick Meehan, make-up artist Erika Navage and actors Dan Richardson and Zoe Wellman at the BFI where they are filming a scene. The weather outside is lovely, warm and crisp while the BFI quietly buzzes with activity.

While Zoe has her make-up applied Vince fills us in all the latest details. After a few problems with the lead actress, in order to keep things rolling she has been replaced by Victoria. Victoria will take on the now renamed role of Asia (inspire by Asia Argento, daughter of giallo godfather Dario). Vince is extremely relieved to have cleared up the mess so rapidly and relatively smoothly. In fact more than that, Vince is delighted. Ever since he first met Victoria he has been impressed with her attitude and connection to the script.

While Vince directs an intense scene between Dan and Zoe (making for a beautifully composed couple) a number of handsome young men are getting changed and unchanged right next to us. Despite the distractions Dan and Zoe they get their scene done in one perfect take leading Vince to enthusiastically declare it, “fucking brilliant!” Some close ups are shot and then everyone mingles while Patrick scampers about taking pictures.

In the downtime I chat to Patrick. Patrick is that unusual combination of stuntman and DoP. He trained as a gymnast and studied to be a camera operator at university. Since then he has mixed stunt work with photography work building up his portfolio. If that wasn’t enough Patrick also helps to run stunt training courses. All the while he is working away at his own film project. Patrick told me, “You become conscious of the fact that you aren’t able to write. But you don’t know until you try. I watched films that I really liked, took the core elements and wrote a story outline. I want to fill the film with stunts, taking the DIY approach to special effects in horror movies and apply it to stunts.” And if that wasn’t enough Patrick also helps to run stunt training courses.

Vince and Patrick met working together on another film and immediately hit it off. Vince trusts Patrick so much he has relinquished camera operator duties for the first time in his film making career. “We don’t even need to communicate that much. Patrick knows what needs to be done, what works best for the film.” Vince goes on to declare his joy at working with the rest of his assembled team praising their professionalism and passion for his vision.

After the smooth morning filming our next task was to find costume for actress Jade Parker. Vince, Patrick, Erica and I quickly made our way to Marble Arch to meet Jade. We then decamped to Primark for some clothes shopping before heading to a pub for a production meeting. Throughout the day Vince joyfully laid bare his hopes and dreams for this grand vision. He elucidated and dissected what he wants to achieve visually, aurally and philosophically. Vince perpetuates, deviates going off at tangents with his boundless, irrepressible energy.



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